+ How much does it cost?

Tickets are $26 each

+ Is it safe?

Yes! Here at NC Escape you are never truly locked in and can exit the door you entered at any time. While you play, the venue is being monitored by a trained game master, and an emergency exit is always available in case of discomfort or actual emergency. You are also welcome to keep your phone on you and all your personal belongings with you during the game!

+ Is it scary?

All of our rooms are very family friendly except for The Attic which does have a creepier feel and some mild jump scares. We recommend ages 13+ for The Attic.

+ Am I smart enough to play this?

Of course! Don’t get us wrong, it’s hard! But it’s really a win-win: If you finish in under 60 minutes, you are rewarded with eternal glory; and if you don’t make it out, you get a solid hour’s worth of fun. (And it is fun, whether you escape or not!)

+ Are corporate/full venue bookings available?

Yes! Escape games are great team building events. Full-venue bookings are available on weekday mornings and afternoons, and some evenings. Get in touch to schedule your booking. We love hosting corporate teams and can work with most schedules. We're also walking distance to many of Durham's great restaurants and bars- perfect for that post-escape debreif! We are right across from a parking deck so parking for team members is easy to find and convenient.

+ Are there restrictions on who can play? (Age, etc.)

We are family friendly and all ages are welcome. Infants and toddlers MUST be on your person or restrained in a stroller at all times as our rooms are not baby proof and safety is our upmost concern. Childrens tickets are the same price as adult tickets. If a player is under 15 they must play with a responsible adult; and ages 15-17 can come alone but need to bring a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Finally, if you are repeating a game, you must either be in a group of other “second timers,” or have booked a game with a group of friends who are all aware that you have already played that particular game once.

+ Is there a min/max number of players per scenario?

Yes! Brewery Heist can accomodate 4-10, and The Attic 2-5, Alien Escape is coming soon and will be for 3-8 players. All of our games are private (that means no strangers ever!) and require the minimum ticket purchase.

+ Can people with limited mobility play?

Our venue itself is on the first level and has a ramp access. Give us a call for specific recommendations- we are happy to help you select the perfect game for your group! There may be one or two puzzles in each scenario that require specific movement or require someone to stand to solve. But for the most part, you're just going to be using your brain!

+ How do I get there?

We are located right in downtown Durham! 119 Orange st. Suite 101 Detailed directions are here.