1.  Select Ticket Type(s)  -  Adult, and/or Child ( We love kids and kids love escape rooms! But Children must have at least one adult in the room. Pricing is the same for adults and children)

2.  Select a Date  -  Choose "Pick Date" in the upper right hand corner to open a calendar.

3.  Select a Game  -  Brewery Heist 4-10 players and The Attic is 2-5. We are private booking so once you pay the minimum amount of tickets for that room the game is reserved for your group and additional friends can join up to the maximum for the room and pay for their tickets onsite. Learn More

4.  Private Events -  We host corporate team-building for companies large and small throughout the week. To book large corporate events Select "Private Booking" below and follow the prompts through to request a time for team-building. Request your date/time 5+ days in advance, and we will confirm availability with you ASAP.  More info available here.